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Пойнтеры.video newsreel film 19.06.1939 г
CANADIAN POINTERS video newsreel film 04.07.1949 г
GUN DOGS video newsreel film 15/12/1932
     Keith, Scotland. "Setters, pointers, pups of every age - all gathered here in their scores." L/S of large group of dogs sitting in a pen. Closer view of the dogs. C/Us various types of dogs including Red Setter. L/S of dogs running out of a pen down a little slope. M/S of dogs being fed in their pen through the wire fence. "A four-legged tail-wagging army." High angle shot of the dogs running around. Various shots of the pack of dogs. "And when the gates are open, oh! how they run!" High angle L/S of the dogs running towards the camera, kennel buildings in the background. L/S of dogs running over fields. Top shot of the dogs. C/U of two cats relaxing - little do they know! Suddenly they jump up and run off. High angle shot of the dogs swarming.
"A titbit on the way - "It takes 10 carcasses of beef, a ton of biscuits, half a ton of Indian meal, a ton of potatoes, and a ton of turnips every week to feed this pack", said Mr Isaac Sharpe - " Man stands in a field and feeds the dogs, throwing food to them from a bucket. "Crack pointers -" L/S of two men with dogs on leads - rolling Scottish fields in the background. The men and dogs pose for the camera. "Good sports - from note to tail-tip." The dogs stream through some gates. A young kennel boy goes to close the gate but a dog runs back out before he can shut it. The boy goes after it.
                                                                                                           Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 602.
                                                                                                            Note: some perforation damage at the end of this story.

In the north of Scotland we see several shots of Mr Issac Sharp's Gun Dogs. They are trained here, and we see hundreds of dogs running out of the kennel gates and over the hills for their exercise. Slow motion shot of the dogs running. Some other men feed the dogs on the hillside. When Mr Sharp blows his whistle, all the dogs come to heel and head back towards the kennels. Some little Pointer and Setter puppies run along and drink from a water trough - they are very cute. The feed from their mothers. Two perfect specimens of perfect bitches are seen posing for the camera - a Pointer and an English Setter.
Полное название гласит: "За 2000 собак Аристократы на шоу ирландского Питомник Клуба - первое большое шоу сезона".
Ирландии, Южной Ирландии, Республики Ирландия.

Охотничьи собаки (пойнтеры), терьеры, овчарки, и ирландские волкадавы
(DOG SHOW) video newsreel film 1953 г (Голден ретривер, пойнтер)
Olympia, London.
Dogs and owners arriving, outside Olympia. VS of dogs being shown to judges. Woman brushing her Peke Chang-Wie. Woman combing Lin-Tai-Fu of Hayree. Pekes in basket. Pekinese puppy being prepared by its owner. MS of dogs in pens, and owners. A golden Labrador being brushed. CU Pointer. CU English Setter. Arrivals being examined by vet. Notice 'Shih Tzuz' pan down to a Shih Tzuz. Big CU Alsatian. CU Deerhound. CU Wolfhounds. CU Three Irish wolfhounds. CU Afghan hound. GV Judging rings, pan down to Alsatians. Dusting Beddlington Terriers. Big CU Bull terrier. Woman grooming dog. Chihuahua - Fullami Florista in cup. GVs of spectators and dogs in judging rings.
(Orig.Neg.) Old record suggests material dates from around 01/11/1953.
GREATEST OF ALL DOG SHOWS  video newsreel filmel film 12/02/1934
The full title reads "London - GREATEST OF ALL DOG SHOWS - thousands of canine aristocrats from stately St. Bernards to tiny Pekes at "Crufts" World famous show."

A woman petting Golden Retriever dog whilst talking to camera. Close up shot of the dog - he is lovely. Close up shot of another dog - long haired. A woman holding two dogs in her arms - quite small and hairy - some sort of Terriers. Two fantastic looking Bullterriers seated on table with a woman standing next o them - she introduces them to the audience. One turns on its left and barks. A woman holding two Pekinese (Pekingese) puppies in her arms - one turns and lick's the other's ear. Woman standing next to a great English Bulldog.
DOG COLLECTORS video newsreel film 1953 г
Хэмптон-на-Темзе, Миддлсекс.
M/S Dogs on table being brushed down by girls in the clinic. M/S Dog. C/U Another dog. M/S Girl grooming an Alsatian. C/U Three collecting tins - hand picks one up. M/S Girl fastening the tin round dog's neck. M/S Another girl doing likewise. M/S Dogs with leads attached, jump off the table and are lead by girls out of the picture. M/S Girls and dogs leaving the entrance to the animal clinic.  Girl and dog walking in garden gate. M/S Same two walking up the drive to the front of the house. M/S Woman opening door and placing money in the dog's tin. M/S One of the other dogs on the pavement in front of shop - woman is placing money in tin. M/S Another dog in residential district. Mother places some money in the dog's tin. M/S Mother gives her daughter some money to place in the tin. M/S Daughter placing some money in tin.
The March of TIME: Hunting Dog Field Trials 1936 г
"ОКД" Голден ретривер.  19/04/1954г
http://video.westminsterkennelclub.org/player/?id=1202087 ринг ротвейлеров
http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/videos/archive/1932.html  1932 год ринг пойнтеров

(DOG SHOW) Москва. 1950 гг
http://video.westminsterkennelclub.org/player/?id=1202087#videoid=211401 боксеры
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